Need some TLC for your lawn – Spring clean up and fall clean ups

Your lawn and gardens will be prepared for the following season with our professionals on the job! The changing seasons brings many extra tasks to maintain an appealing property. We offer our experience and muscle to do all that extra outside work that the Spring and Fall bring.

We remove all debris and weeds from your property and dispose of it in our organic compost pile. When we’re at your home, you can be assured that we will never leave waste behind and your property will be greatly improved by the time we leave.

Whether you’ve got some minor spring maintenance or major garden and yard work to be done, we’ll gladly take on the job. Our Additional Services page contains more description on many other services that may be needed for your property – in the Spring or any time of the year.

Visit the pages of each of our services to learn more about our professional approach to our work and be able to view pictures of completed projects, maintenance work, and Morrison’s Lawn Care in action.

A Spring clean up generally consists of:

  • removal of fall and winter debris
  • thatch removal to open up the soil for new growth

A Fall clean up generally consists of:

  • collection of leaves and other debris
  • a final cut for your lawn


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