Complete property services – lawn aeration, power sweeping and so much more!

Whatever your property needs, we can get it done!

With our 10+ years experience in lawn care and other property maintenance services, we’ve grown to value the special care needed to properly maintain residential properties and properly serve homeowners. We do the little things that make our customers stick with us year after year.

Our professional uniformed staff take every job as an opportunity to make people happy. Not just happy with the quality of our services but also so pleased that they don’t have to do the work themselves.

Give us a call to inquire about any way that we can save you time or visit our Free Quote page to contact us about providing any property maintenance services you need.

Lawn aerating

We use a self proppelled, walk behind machine to remove cores in your lawn to reduce compaction and encourage water, oxygen, and nutrients to penettrate the soil.

Lawn rolling

We use a roller to firm the surface of the lawn (1” to 2”) this is reccommended for people who wish to have a flatter lawn or feel their lawn is uneven. This also makes the lawn easier to cut.

Power sweeping

This is a way to keep your parking lot/ driveway clean after the salt and sand from winter months. Doing this not only makes your parking lot look tidy, but prolongs the life of it as well.

Slit seeding

We use a power slit seeder to make slits in the lawn for seed to lay, the machine then sweeps soil back over the seeded area to ensure that it has the highest chances of germination.

Compact Loader Tractor Services

We offer a wide range of services with our compact tractor Call or email us to discuss these services further!

  • Parking lot/ driveway grading
  • Landscape raking (for prepping large areas for sod)
  • Brush broom (for sweeping large parking lots)
  • Bush hog (for cutting large fields)

Top Dressing

We use a power top dressing machine that evenly spreads a mixture of top soil and seed to your lawn or turf. Since we are using 100% compost material with our top soil, we are adding a high amount of nutrients to the lawn.


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