Offering Residential Snow Removal 

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The beautiful crisp winter days, filled with decreasing temperatures and quickly accumulating precipitation, provide the opportunity to really appreciate the services from your local snow removal company.


During the winter months the MLC team shows up to get the previous nights’ snowfall out of your way. We know it’s important for you to start your day with a clean driveway and walkway and you’ll love it even more when you don’t have to be the one the get that white stuff moved!

The majority of our snow removal business is on a seasonal contract basis to provide reliable high-quality service to our customers. While we can occasionally accommodate single snow removal job, we give top priority to our contract customers and can only get to non-contract jobs after all our seasonal properties are cleaned up.

We specialize in providing top service to our residential customers

Our business focuses on the distinct needs of the residential customer. Whether for lawn maintenance or snow removal we have the right equipment for the right job.

We use only compact high-efficiency tractors that accurately maneuver in tight spaces and we usually use blowers instead of our plows to prevent the buildup of unsafe and inconvenient piles of snow on your property. With either snow plowing or snow blowing, we salt and sand as needed for de-icing.

Professional and small town customer service

We’re proud to be a small town family run business that has built a solid customer base one job and one customer at a time. We focus on the little things that our customers notice and give each task the personal attention that it needs

Give us a call to inquire about any way that we can save you time or visit our Free Quote page to contact us about providing any property maintenance services you need.

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