Lawn and yard care for residential and commercial properties

With our professional grade equipment and extensive knowledge and experience in lawn maintenance we offer you the highest-quality services that will keep your property in top shape and completely satisfied with our customer service.

We start our regular lawn care services around the middle of May and are usually maintaining lawns until the end of October. We offer occasional lawn and yard care (generally when customers are away on holidays or not able to do the work themselves for health reasons), but most of our customers take advantage of one of our seasonal packages for weekly visits for mowing and maintenance.

Our lawn care approach to satisfied customers


We specialize in maintaining residential properties and provide you an outline of our lawn cutting service below.

  • We use our commercial zero-turn mower to give the majority of your lawn a clean, even cut
  • We carefully trim around fences, fence posts, walkways, flower beds and driveways
  • We bag and remove grass clippings in high-growth periods and weed-producing periods, but generally mulch the clippings to provide your lawn with a natural, organic fertilizer and protection from the sun’s rays
  • We finish off the job by blowing any excess clippings from driveways and walkways, leaving you with a clean and trimmed lawn

We’ve been steadily growing our business for over 10 years by focusing on doing the best for each job and each customer. We are often personalizing our customer’s services to fit with their preferences and property needs, so you can contact us about any work you many need done to the outside of your home.

Be sure to check out the fine work we can do for your garden and see pictures of our garden maintenance services.

We also offer free quotes for your personalized maintenance program or one-time project so give us a call or simply fill our form and we’ll give you a call.

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