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Below are some questions that we receive often:

When is the best time to aerate my lawn?

We suggest aerating in the Fall when the weeds are not in bloom, so they do not grow from the holes and the moisture from the snow can give the ground the most nutrients.

What is included in a Spring Clean Up?

A Spring Clean Up is generally consisted of dethatching, and vacuuming of debris (including leaves from the previous Fall). We then dispose of the debris in our compost pile.

What is causing the holes in my lawn/ do you offer grub control?

Holes are most often caused by animals digging for grubs in the lawn. At this time, ufortunately, we do not offer grub control.

Are the products you use organic/ healthy for children and pets?

The pruducst we use for your property is all organic. Although, we do suggest keeping pets off the lawn for 2-3 hours after the product is applied to the property until it dries.

What types of payment methods are available?

We offer multiple methods of payment. Including e-transfer, cheques, as well as post-dated cheques. Call or email us to discuss what works best you!

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